Eighteenth Story – Boccia

After interviewing Sze Ning, an athlete playing Boccia, our team has written her story for you.

This is her story.


Find Sze Ning’s achievements here: https://www.myactivesg.com/team-singapore/athletes/t/toh-sze-ning

Toh Sze Ning

Sze Ning is a full-time athlete and Boccia player, and is highly ranked in the world player rankings. At present, she ranks 17th in the World Rankings as established by the Boccia International Sports Federation.

In her free time, she likes to play computer games and enjoys a good movie or drama.

Her Boccia Experience

Sze Ning started playing Boccia in 2007, when one of her teachers at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore introduced her to the CCA. Seeing potential in her, the same teacher invited Sze Ning to join the elite training sessions on Saturdays. From then on, Sze Ning began to play Boccia competitively. In 2008, at the age of 14, Sze Ning competed in the 2008 ASEAN Para Games in Thailand. Since then, she has taken part in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, the Boccia World Open, other iterations of the ASEAN Para Games, and the Asian Para Games.

Sze Ning finds that ever since she started Boccia, she has gone from being a shy and hesitant person to one who is confident and outspoken. To her, Boccia is not just a sport, but also a social activity, and a fun one to boot. It is through her participation in the sport that she finds that she has grown as a person and as an athlete.

Challenges Faced

For Sze Ning, the issue she faces most often is getting around. Transportation proves to be an issue for her. Also, her disability makes her entirely reliant on her caregiver, her mother, to help her with daily life.

Despite the severity of her disability, however, Sze Ning still is able to play sports like any other person. That is one thing she hopes that more people will understand – that her disability does not define her.

Hopes and Dreams

After she retires from her career as a full-time athlete, Sze Ning hopes to become a Boccia coach. It is her hope that more people will learn about Boccia, and that more people will be able to participate in Boccia.

Thank you for reading.


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