Fifteenth Story – Domestic Helper

After interviewing Dewi, domestic helper from Indonesia, our team has written her story for you.

This is her story.

Aged 30, she found that she could not earn enough with the low paying jobs available in Indonesia. Hence, she came to Singapore three years ago, in hopes of earning money for her family, especially her two sons and her husband. Now, as a domestic helper, she spends her days doing household chores such as cleaning and preparing meals for her employer’s family.

Dewi has had her moments when she first came to Singapore, fearful and worried for what her work and lifestyle would be like here. Thankfully, she has adjusted well and, as she has mentioned, she has happily found her footing after settling into her new job. Working as a domestic helper can occasionally be pretty tiring for he, especially when guests are over at her employer’s house. However, she knows to take a rest when needed. When Dewi is free, she takes a day off with her employer’s permission, heading out to eat with her friends.

Dewi has a positive relationship with her employers and the family. She says that they are “very very good” (in her words), takes care of her and treats her well. She also enjoys those moments of baking with the employer’s mother who lives with them.

Occasionally, she gets sad and misses her own family back in Indonesia. She misses her children, her mother and her father, especially when she is alone. Fortunately, she has found moments of happiness here in Singapore as well. Her dream is to have a house of her own built and to open a shop. She also dreams that her children will continue schooling, hopefully until university.

To other domestic helpers, Dewi says: Singapore is a nice place. Additionally, it is near Indonesia. Then, if we get a chance to go back, it will be a very fast journey.

Domestic helpers work very hard to support and provide for their family. However, let us not forget that they are working miles away from home, away from their family. In fact, they are working for families too. As fellow Singaporeans, let us continue to give all the domestic helpers our support, care and respect they deserve. If you have a domestic helper at home, do not forget to show her some appreciation!

Let us all create an inclusive Singapore.

Here’s a photo of Dewi and her Singapore family!


Thank you for reading.


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Invisible SG


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